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User Centric: User Experience

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User Centric: User Experience Roadmap

2023 H2 2024 H1 2024 H2
  • Deduplication in the GTI
  • Designate a new address for personal delivery 
  • Request forms with mandatory fields
  • EBook Offers

2023 H2

Discovery improvements

What’s New Highlights Impact
Streamline requests to Discover Experience
Further progress to reduce duplications in GTI.
Improve the quality of records in the Rapido holdings index.
Rapido  is a discovery to request solution and there are opportunities for improving the results found in this discovery experience.

Personal delivery workflows

What’s New Highlights Impact
Updating personal delivery address at request time.
Patrons who are eligible for personal delivery can request to pick up resources at an address other than their registered home address.
This enables using the personal delivery service even when no known home address has been uploaded to the system.
It also enables patrons to easily change the registered address when requesting for personal delivery.

2024 H1

NERS Item: Configure Mandatory Fields in Rapido Request Form

What’s New Highlights Impact
Configure which fields are mandatory for Rapido requests

Customize Rapido request forms by defining the fields that your library requires your library users to complete.

Rapido 2024 Release Notes

Create clarity for both staff and community library users. Define which request fields are mandatory for your library users, this customization encourages users to provide essential request information to library staff fulfilling the request.

2024 H2

Harvesting External Resources for Resource Sharing

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What’s New Highlights Impact
Bookmark to populate library's resource sharing request form from an Amazon result. 

Ease the library request experience for users that search on Amazon.



Bring the library to users. Support users that start their search in Amazon by automating the process of submitting their request into Rapido.  

Ebook offer tiles

What’s New Highlights Impact
Within the library discovery experience, users will have Rapido offers available for requesting chapters of ebooks. Ebook chapter requests. Rapido connects libraries and their collections to create a collective collection. Expanding the collection to include ebook chapters expands access, promotes sharing, and provides a consistent user discovery and request experience.


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