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    Rapido Roadmap Highlights: 2023 - 2024



    The Rapido roadmap is important for Ex Libris as a means to communicate the key priorities and developments with the Rapido community. 

    We take pride in the fact that this roadmap was built together with the Rapido community and is based on the community's future strategy for libraries. 

    Our roadmap is based on Rapido pillars of connect, personalize, and optimize. These priorities are organized into our roadmap categories of Analytics, Connect, User Experience, and Staff Efficiencies. 

    The Rapido roadmap gives a view of the development that can be expected and emphasized. As priorities are developed by the community and information becomes available from the community voting, the roadmap will be updated to reflect more developments. 

    Physical Resource Management.png


    Metadata Management.png



    User Centric: User Experience 

    Electronic Resource Management.png

    User Centric: Staff Efficiencies

    The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute, nor should be construed as, a promise or commitment by Clarivate to develop, market or deliver any particular product, service, feature or function. The information contained herein is based on management’s current beliefs, expectations, and assumptions only from information currently available to them. Actual product development often varies significantly from roadmaps. Clarivate makes no warranties, express or implied, herein and reserves the right to change its roadmap at any time without obligation to provide or publicly communicate revisions or updates.

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