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    Using APA 7th Edition in RefWorks

    • Product: New RefWorks, Legacy RefWorks

    The APA 7th Edition citation style was added to RefWorks in December 2019. While the style guide outlines reference formatting using this style, institutions and users may find the need to customize the formatting based on requirements, quality of the metadata received and more.

    To that end, after collecting feedback from RefWorks users and administrators, multiple versions of APA 7th Edition were added to RefWorks, allowing users to select the style most suitable for their data and needs. This ensures flexibility given the variations in how metadata is delivered from outside sources. Refer to this document (RefWorks_examples_of_APA7.pdf) for examples of when different versions would be used.

    • APA 7th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI: empty
    • APA 7th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI: https://
    • APA 7th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI:
    • APA 7th - No Case Changes (No Title Casing), DOI:, Annotated
    • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: empty
    • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: https://
    • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI:
    • APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI:, Annotated

    These styles can be further customized and renamed by administrators and disseminated to users using the Institutional Style feature (read more here), and by users using the Custom style feature (read more here). If you need assistance in renaming an existing version and making it available to your users as an Institutional style, please contact support at

    Institutional and Custom styles can be easily accessed by users from the style selection menus.

    Users can access the style by searching for the term "7th" from the Create Bibliography page in RefWorks. Users can select the version they want to use by clicking on the title. Once they find the version they prefer, they can select the star icon to make the version a favorite.



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