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Admin Onboarding Toolkit

Welcome to RefWorks

Thank you for offering RefWorks to your users. We are confident that RefWorks can help you to better serve them by simplifying your writing, data organization, and collaboration around research projects.
To help you increase awareness and usage of RefWorks at your institution, we created the following list of important links and a variety of promotional materials for you to use right from the start.

Admin Checklist

As a new RefWorks Administrator, perform the following steps to get RefWorks up and running:

  1. Log on to RefWorks.
  2. Designate users as administrators.
  3. Configure the following basic administration settings:
    • Invite users – edit and send an email to your users inviting them to set up a RefWorks account. (See Five ways to introduce RefWorks to your institution community.)
    • Institution name – the institution name you create appears on the top right of the RefWorks page.
    • Institution URL – enter your institutional name and Website link to create a hyperlink to your Website.
    • Link Resolver Label and URL – this allows users to find full text of their references.
  4. Review the RefWorks tutorial videos.
  5. Build a RefWorks webpage on your library website with key messaging and links to support your users.
  6. Train your fellow librarians/administrators.

At any time, you can:

  • Onboard new faculty or staff members.
  • Configure remaining administration settings:
    • Sync with Dropbox – allow users to sync full-text references with their Dropbox account.
    • Institutional Bibliography Citation Style – define default styles that will be easily accessible to users.
    • Additional Profile Information – define a field to be completed by users during account creation.
    • Profile Creation Message – add a message that to be displayed to users during account creation. For example, use this to notify them about upcoming RefWorks training or library hours.
    • Roles and Areas of Focus - update the options available to users during account creation
  • View Usage Analytics.
  • Set up your Databases in RefWorks – Contact support.

Designating Users as RefWorks Administrators

Any administrator can designate another user an administrator by following these steps:
  1. Log on to RefWorks.
  2. Select your name in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Admin.
  4. Search for the user’s email address.
  5. Select Make Admin in the Actions drop-down list.

Five Ways to Introduce RefWorks to Your Community

  • Put up posters
  • Incorporate RefWorks in your training programs and online support materials
  • Host RefWorks training sessions for all new students or institution members
  • Introduce faculty and staff to RefWorks during their onboarding process
  • Include RefWorks in database and discovery systems training. Show how easy it is to export or save results to RefWorks.

Faculty Onboarding Materials

Onboarding a new faculty members is as important as onboarding new students. We have prepared items that will help you introduce them to RefWorks.

RefWorks Messaging

As a new RefWorks subscriber, it is advisable to include a description of RefWorks on your website and to link to key resources. Here are messaging options, of various lengths, that can help you promote RefWorks to your users. You can also include RefWorks Logos.


  • Maximize research productivity
  • Improve your research experience with RefWorks

Short Description Options (Less than 20 Words)

  • Option 1 - With RefWorks®, simplify the process of research, collaboration, data organization, and writing papers.
  • Option 2- RefWorks®: Maximize research productivity with an easy-to-use tool for publishing and managing citations, bibliographies, and references.

Long Description Options (Between 21 and 40 Words)

  • Option 1: With the RefWorks® reference management service, users benefit from easy-to-use tools that facilitate research, collaboration, the organization of data, and the writing of papers.
  • Option 2: RefWorks® reference management service is easy to use, produces authoritative citations, provides round-the-clock support, and, as an entirely cloud-based solution, requires no syncing.
  • Option 3: With RefWorks®, users are empowered to do the best work they can, while administrators can support users, define institutional citation styles, and analyze usage across the institution.

RefWorks Social Channels

Training Tweets

Consider adding user training images and hyperlink to Twitter or your website:
  • Get Started with RefWorks!
  • Learn how to use RefWorks today!
  • Need reference management training? – Check out RefWorks!

Training link:
Getting Started with RefWorks | Webinar Registration ( 
Check out RefWorks for twitter.       Coffee break for Twitter.      Multiple images- for twitter.

RW training sessions twitter.        teaching twitter.

Signature Banners

Looking for ways to promote RefWorks?
Consider adding a signature banner to your email and hyperlink to one of the following:
Right-click to download images:
Max productivity_2.png
RefWorks rescue.png














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