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    I have moved to another institution; how can I move my account to my new institution?

    • Product: Research Professional


    I have changed institutions; how can I move my account to my new institution?


    Your personal user account is tied to your institution. If you have moved to a new institution, you will need to create a new account under your new institution's subscription, so you won't miss any content they are sharing. Once your new account has been created, we can transfer your saved searches and email alerts to your new account.

    New user account can be created using one of the following methods:

    Single Sign-On Access

    Some institutions can access the site remotely with Single Sign-On. You can check this by going to the login page and opening the drop-down menu on the left 'With your university account’:

    Account creation

    If your institution does not have Single Sign-On access, we would be happy to create a *Research Professional account for you with your institutional email address. Alternatively, you can also contact your institutional administrator and they will be able to create an account for you.

    If you have personalised searches on your previous account which you would like to keep, please contact Research Professional Client Services Team to make a transfer of content request.

    • Article last edited: 19-Feb--2019