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    The definition of words in italics can be found in the glossary.

    If your institution subscribes to Funding Insight, you will also have access to the Awards section which will provide you with details of previous grant winners.

    The list of funders in this section is growing all the time. We currently provide data from UK, European, US and Australian funders. Click here to see a list of the currently included funders and details specific to each one.

    Searching the Awards Database

    While browsing the Awards section, the following criteria are available for you to refine your search:


    You can use any combination of criteria when building your search. Only awards that match all of your specified criteria will be shown in the results.

    Sorting Your Results

    By using the toolbar shown below, you can re-order your results and change how many awards are displayed per page.

    1 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 15.20.42.png

    Viewing Your Results

    The results of your awards search will display a summary of each award with the project title, principal investigator, host institution, primary funder and the value of the award.

    To view the full listing for the award, click on the project title.

    You can view definitions of the fields here.

    Previous Winners

    Where we have details of previous winners for an open funding opportunity that is currently listed in the database, a link to view previous winners will be available on the opportunity page.

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