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    *Research Professional Glossary


    An administrator can create shared resources for other users to access, create and delete workgroups, email resources to groups of users, create magazines, create new user accounts and edit or delete existing accounts.

    Funding Insight

    Funding Insight is a subscription option which provides access to information about past award winners, as well as articles about the process of putting together a grant application and advice from industry experts.


    HE is a subscription option which provides access to up-to-date news about decision making and policy affecting higher education providers.


    Magazines are available with a Networked level subscription. Magazines are collections of funding opportunities and news articles which have been put together by an administrator or a workgroup editor. They can be accessed on the Our Institution page, or through a workgroup main page, and can also be emailed to individual users or to all members of a workgroup.


    The Networked level subscription provides an institution with additional tools to handle the information in the *Research Professional funding opportunities database and news pages. Content can be annotated, information can be viewed in calendar format and exported, magazines can be created to disseminate news and funding opportunities to your users, and multiple workgroups can be created and organised to enhance the flow of information.


    The Standard level subscription provides access to the *Research Professional database of funding opportunities and news articles but, among other functions, does not allow the creation of workgroups, calendars or magazines.


    Available with a Networked level subscription, workgroups are sub-groups of the Our Institution page which can be arranged in a hierarchy. Workgroups are most commonly named and arranged to reflect an institution’s departmental structure, but do not need to be, and facilitate the dissemination of more specific information to more specific groups of users.

    Workgroup editor

    Workgroup editors can be created by administrators. Workgroup editors can edit the content of a workgroup, from saved searches and alerts to magazines but cannot manage users or workgroups.

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