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    Award Types

    Research: Project Grants & Innovation: Funding for activities that increases overall knowledge about a field, and allows a researcher to tackle a specific problem or develop a specific idea.

    Fellowships or Post-doctoral Awards: Funding whose primary aim is to cover the applicant’s salary/living costs. Fellowships normally support the applicant in all their work, rather than for a particular project. Also includes funding for individuals to pay for his or her academic pursuits, or those who have recently received Ph.Ds. to perform research or study, usually under the guidance of a mentor in scientific fields, but sometimes not in the humanities and social sciences.

    Scholarships, Training or Bursaries: Funding in the form of scholarships, internships, or specialized training that advances the individual's knowledge of the area, not the area itself. 

    Prizes and Awards: Monetary or other award presented in recognition of accomplishments in the arts, sciences, or humanities.

    Equipment & Materials or Facility Use and Construction: The purchase or use of equipment, materials, or special facilities required to conduct research. Includes the purchase of computer equipment, payment for the use of a facility's telescope, leased time on a supercomputer, use of library facilities or special collections and use of art facilities (colonies, studios). Does not include general expenses related to research.

    Travel: Funds for travel expenses arising from programs/activities such as (but not limited to) exchange programs, on-site observation, or research activities.

    Conferences, Events or Seminars: Funding to either attend or organize a conference or seminar.

    Tenders: An agreement to conduct a specific project or task with stated outcomes (as opposed to a general research effort or program development).

    Publishing or Dissemination: Support for publication costs of journals, manuscripts, texts, documents, and translations of works.

    Collaboration Opportunities & Networking: Funding for any collaborative activity between people working at two or more institutions or in two or more disciplines.

    Dissertation-Thesis Funding: Research or other activities related to the completion of a doctoral dissertation or graduate thesis.

    Clinical Trials: Funding that must be used specifically to conduct clinical trials.

    Institutional, Program or Curriculum Development: Used to develop or provide a program to benefit the public, or to develop or provide a curriculum, a course, or other types of training or instruction for the public or for those in a traditional educational setting.

    Visiting Personnel: Funding to either be or host a visiting expert.

    Artistic Pursuit: Funding for the presentation of artistic work, for example a performance, exhibit, or film or video production.

    Industry or Business Funding: Funding to support collaborations between industry and academic institutions. The university can get funded, but only if it has a commercial partner on board. Also includes funding that specifies funds must go to a company rather than a university.

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