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    Adding Offers to DDA Pool

    Any user role that can access the Rialto Marketplace can view DDA-available offers. 

    If your institution is subscribed to a Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA, the same as Patron Driven Acquisition, PDA) agreement with a platform (see Patron Driven Acquisition), the Rialto Marketplace displays the electronic offers eligible for DDA with the DDA icon by the title. 

    DDA icon .png

    DDA-eligible offer

    If an offer is eligible for DDA for any platform, you can include it in your DDA pool for that platform. This means that starting from the moment of inclusion, the platform monitors the usage of this offer by the patrons. Offers that are used in such a way to trigger a purchase (e.g., total number of accesses, downloading the full text, etc.) will be automatically purchased by your library. The specific terms of access and triggers are defined by your DDA agreement with the platform.
    Until the moment of purchase, while the offer is accumulating the required number of views, the offer is considered to reside in the DDA pool

    For more information, see DDA Guide.

    • To begin using DDA in Rialto, reach out to ProQuest to coordinate initial configuration between Rialto and the hosting platform(s). As part of this process, consultants can help you configure a DDA profile for one or several DDA platforms.
    • Once you go live with using DDA profiles in Rialto, all profiling and adding to a DDA pool must be handled from within Rialto. Rialto does not presently monitor changes to a DDA pool triggered from other platforms or systems. If you need to update your DDA pool (e.g., to remove titles), contact ProQuest to coordinate this update with the platform.
    • To terminate a DDA program with a platform, reach out to ProQuest to clear your Rialto DDA pool of unowned materials.  Note that removing candidate records from Alma may also be required.

    Viewing Offers in the DDA Pool

    You can view the list of all titles that participate in the DDA pool on the Demand-Driven Acquisition Pool page (Market Automatic Selection Demand-Driven Acquisition Pool). This page displays all offers that are active within the DDA pool, meaning offers that patrons can view but which have not yet been purchased.

    When DDA has been enabled in Rialto, this page displays all offers in your existing DDA pool(s), including those added manually or automatically via Selection Plans.

    Currently, this page does not display offers that were added to DDA pool through other platforms directly. To set up DDA in Rialto, contact ProQuest.

    Offers are removed from this list when they become considered as part of the holdings. This can happen due to any of the below reasons:

    • The offer has reached its purchase threshold (in terms of downloads, views, or any other activation criteria) and was purchased,
    • The offer was purchased via the shopping cart.  

    You can filter the list to see offers by a particular author, ISBN, Title, or by keywords. You can sort the list by price or publication year. 

    When the status of the offer is 'Processing', this means that the offer is either in the Shopping Cart (if it appears with the "In Your Cart" / "In Other Carts" badges) or a purchase was already submitted in Rialto.

    Data driven acquisition pool.png

    Demand-Driven Acquisition Pool page

    Removing Offers from a DDA Pool

    At present, offers cannot be removed from the DDA pool from within Rialto.  An offer that was added mistakenly to the DDA pool may only be removed by contacting the platform directly.

    Searching for Offers in the DDA Pool

    On the Demand-Driven Acquisition Pool page (Market Automatic Selection Demand-Driven Acquisition Pool), you can search for offers by various means. 

    To search for specific offers included in the DDA pool:

    • By text: You can search for an offer by Title, ISBN, Author or Keywords. To search, select the desired option in the dropdown, enter the desired text and select search icon.png. To remove the text, click X within the dropdown.
    • By facets: To eliminate irrelevant offers from view, you can use the facets. In the facet list, select the values for which you want to see results. The facets selected to filter the list appear at the top of the Facets panel. Click X to clear the facets you want to remove. For a full list of facets, see Working with Facets.

    The display of facet values is dynamic and reflects only the values that belong to offers available in the order history. For example, if you do not see a certain value in your facets list, this means that you do not have offers with this value in your DDA list. 

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