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    Cancelling Orders

    After an order has been placed, you have the option to cancel an outstanding order that is no longer needed.

    To cancel an order, please contact Rialto customer support. 

    Conditions to Cancelling an Order

    • Cancelations may be possible if the supplier has not yet sent ProQuest the title, unless the the order was pre-paid to the supplier.
    • Cancelations may be possible if the supplier accepts returns, and the order is not over a certain age:
      • Titles ordered from a UK supplier may be cancelled if not filled within 30 days.
      • Titles ordered from all other suppliers, including North America, may be cancelled if not filled within 60 days.

    Cancelling the PO Line only cancels the order in Alma, and not with the vendor. This means that the vendor might still consider the order alive. To fully cancel an order, please contact Rialto customer support. 

    Viewing Canceled Orders

    • To view canceled orders, filter the offers on the Order History page (Market > Order > Order History) by "To be canceled" facet. This status is applied to orders that have been canceled by the vendor and require additional action to cancel the order within Alma.

      This is the first step in the development to allow for a proactive notification for canceled orders, coming in an upcoming release. 

      filtering by to be canceled status.png
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