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    Cancelling Orders

    The Cancel Order request is available for Rialto Managers, or users with the Purchasing Operator role. 

    After an order has been placed, Rialto purchasers have the option to cancel an outstanding order that is no longer needed.

    To Cancel an Order in Rialto

    For any print or not yet published ebook order that is still in process, users are able to request to cancel the order from the order history page. The "Cancel Order" button is displayed as long as the "Sent to Provider" order status is not in the order's status history. 

    Watch the Order Cancellation video (1:32 mins).


    Cancel Button

    Upon selecting the button, users are presented with the following confirmation dialogue: "Are you sure you want to send a cancellation request?" 

    Upon selecting "Request cancellation," the request is processed automatically for eligible orders.

    Cancel Confirmation

    Users can view the the cancellation request status from the order history screen. After the cancellation is confirmed, the status will reflect that the order is cancelled. 

    If the cancellation is not able to be processed, the user can receive a notification the request was rejected and the order will continue to be processed. To learn how to opt in to receive Rialto notifications please see the user notifications page. 

    Conditions to Cancelling an Order When the Cancel Option is Not Present

    • Cancellations may be possible if the supplier has not yet sent ProQuest the title, unless the the order was pre-paid to the supplier.
    • Cancellations may be possible if the supplier accepts returns, and the order is not over a certain age:
      • Titles ordered from a UK supplier may be cancelled if not filled within 30 days.
      • Titles ordered from all other suppliers may be cancelled if not filled within 60 days.

    To request cancel an order when the "Cancel Order" button is not present, please contact Rialto customer service via:

    • email
    • a support case
    • the Support Chat feature available within Rialto

    Rialto Cancelled Orders in Alma

    Auto-cancelling Orders in Alma

    Orders cancelled by ProQuest or the library can automatically cancel the associated PO line in Alma. If cancelled by ProQuest, the cancellation reason will be marked as "Vendor canceled".

    Bibliographic records without inventory are deleted according to the manual cancellation logic (for instance, only if they are not linked to another inventory). This follows the standard metadata handling when cancelling orders, including handling Institution, Network, and Community Zone situations. Full deletion is is dependent on "delete" being set as the value for parameter pol_handle_bib_record_without_inventory. This can be modified by system administrators. For more information please see Configuring Other Settings

    The auto-cancelling functionality is disabled by default and optional per institution, please contact customer support to enable it. 


    Manually Cancelling Orders in Alma

    If your institution has not elected to allow for Rialto cancelled titles to automatically cancel the PO line in Alma, you can refine the order history page to locate orders that have been cancelled by Rialto and need manually processing in Alma.

    To view cancelled orders, filter the offers on the Order History page (Market > Order > Order History) by "To be canceled" facet. This status is applied to orders that have been cancelled by the vendor and require additional action to cancel the order within Alma.

    filtering by to be canceled status.png

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