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    Exporting Rialto Offer Lists

    The following roles are required to export Rialto records:
    • Rialto Manager, Purchasing Operator, Super Selector, Selector

    You can export lists of offers from Rialto to CSV files, in order to share them with other users or for use in alternative workflows.

    All the work/offer data displayed on the screen is exported to the CSV file. 

    • The only list that you cannot export to CSV is the shopping cart.
    • The number of exported records is limited to 100,000. When attempting to export more records than that, only the first 100,000 are exported.
    •  User can export results containing details about the Ebook Central discount. When exporting, the exported information will consistently include:
      • Discounted price and Discount end date
    To export to CSV:
    1. Open any list and click Export export to CSV.png on the top right of the list. The list is exported. The export may take up to a few minutes, depending on the number of exported records. 
    2. Click the CSV file on the bottom toolbar to open it. The file opens. 
    3. The file name indicates where it was exported from, for example FeedResults.xlsx when exported from a feed. Change the name as needed.
    4. Save the file in the desired location.  
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