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    Working with Facets

    The following roles are required to use the facets:
    • Rialto Manager, Purchasing Operator, Super Selector, Selector

    When viewing the Rialto Marketplace search results, recommendation feeds, listspurchase requestsdemand-driven acquisition pool and scheduled purchasing pages you can narrow down the results list by using facets.  

    To narrow down your result list:
    1. On any of the pages, select the Facets panel to open it.
      facets panel .png
      The Facets panel
      To close the Facets panel again, select facet panel close.png at the bottom of the panel. 
    2. Select the values for which you want to see results.

      You can apply the facets one at a time by selecting the facet name, or you may apply multiple facets at once by selecting the checkbox next to the facet name, then clicking Apply at the bottom of the facet lists.

      The following facets are available:
      • Format – The format of the offer: print, e-book, or other, which includes all the alternative formats, such as various audio and video formats, and offers that include CD-ROMs, maps, music scores, video games, etc. These options will display under the Binding facet. 
      • Binding – The type of binding of the offer. Rialto supports over one 120 binding options, any of which could display here, regardless of the format selected. 
      • Publisher – The publisher of the offer. 
      • Platform – The electronic platform on which the offer is made available. Rialto holds all available platforms in ProQuest, and will continue to grow to provide a vendor-neutral marketplace. 
        • When browsing electronic titles, "Subscribed Platforms only" is applied in the Facets panel by default. This limits the results to platforms that already have a license in place. Select this toggle on to see all electronic content existing in the Marketplace, including content that you cannot purchase or add to DDA. For such content, the Add to Cart and Add to DDA options are grayed-out. 
      • Publication Year – The year in which the offer was published. 
        • The "Not Yet Published" and "Out Of Print" toggles are applied in the Facets panel by default. This includes the not-yet-published and out-of-print offers in search/feed results. Toggle these off to remove offers of these types from the search/feed results. 
      • Language – The language in which the offer is available to purchase. 
      • Readership Level – The readership level of the offer. Readership levels can be received from the publisher directly, or are applied by the Ex Libris Approval Treatment team. This might lead to some overlap between the levels, so when you apply one level, you might see other levels returned in your results.
      • Country of Publication – The country of publication of the offer. If needed, the city of publication can be viewed in the offer details. 
      • LC Classification – The main classes of the Library of Congress classifications. Click on a value to drill down to the next level in the hierarchy:
        LC classification.png
        The hierarchy of LC classifications
      • Dewey Classification - Dewey decimal classification levels. You can apply more than one Dewey call number range.
      • License – The available e-book license types offered by the platforms: Single User, Three User, Concurrent, Unlimited, Non Linear Lending. 
      • Interdisciplinary Studies - Enter an area of study to include offers that have this as a secondary area of study, in addition to another main one. You can enter several areas of study, separated by comma (,). These values are manually assigned to offers by a ProQuest Record Enhancement team.
      • Electronic Types - The types of e-book titles offered by the platforms, such as Downloadable or DRN-Free. 
    3. In recommendation feeds, you can save your facet selections to the next Rialto sessions. To do this, click Save Changes. If you do not save the changes, your facet selections will not be carried over to future sessions. 

      The Save Changes option is available only on the Recommendation Feed page, because presumably on the other pages you would want to see different results on each session. 

    To clear the facet selection:
    • The facets currently used to filter your list are displayed at the top of the Facets panel. Clear the facets you want to remove.
      Your list changes to display only titles matching the current facet selections.
    refine feed by facets.jpg
    Clearing the facet selection
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