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    Rialto End-to-end Order Lifecycle

    Below are the basic workflows of orders in Rialto. 

    Order Workflows - Print vs. Electronic Titles

    Electronic title Physical title
    • Cart checkout
    • Order to ProQuest
    • Activation confirmed
    • Invoice & MARC
    • Cart checkout
    • Order to ProQuest
    • Physical processing
    • Shipped
    • Invoice & MARC / OCLC

    Rialto E-Firm Local Collection

    Rialto e-Firm local collection.png

    Following Rialto cart checkout, the order goes to ProQuest. Once activation is confirmed, ProQuest sends the invoice and the MARC record to the FTP directory of the institution. 

    Rialto E-Firm Community Zone Collection

    Rialto e-firm cz colleciton.png

    Rialto E-Firm Local Collection with Rapid Activation

    Rialto e-firm local colleciton with rapid activation.png

    Following Rialto cart checkout, the order goes to ProQuest. Once activation is confirmed, the order undergoes physical processing and it is shipped. Along with the shipment, ProQuest also sends the invoice and the MARC record to the FTP directory of the institution. 

    Rialto Physical

    Rialto physical.png

    Rialto Physical - OCLC

    Rialto physical OCLC.png

    For OCLC institutions, OCLC sends the MARC record to a separate server. ProQuest will assist the institution to configure to configure the server. ProQuest then sends the invoice, which can go through EDI invoicing.

    Not Yet Published (NYP) Ebooks in Rialto

    Rialto supports visibility and ordering for pre-publication print titles and ebook content. These titles display the “Not yet published” badge, see in List of Rialto Badges.

    How it works

    Participating platforms either provide ProQuest with an NYP (Not Yet Published) status OR a guaranteed on-sale date.

    Librarians can view NYP content, save it to a list for future purchasing, or place a pre-order, which ProQuest will hold until the title becomes available, and then release to the appropriate platform for fulfillment.


    • Will all platforms provide NYP titles?

      No. Some platforms cannot provide this information, but we will continue to work with our integration partners as they are able.

    • Why does the same title show 'Available' from one platform and 'Not Yet Published' from another?

      Availability information varies from platform to platform and can fall into 3 categories. 

      1. Category 1 platforms do not currently provide not yet published content, and their titles will not display in the marketplace until they are available for purchase.
      2. Category 2 platforms do provide not yet published content. These titles are displayed in the marketplace, and we rely on the platform to inform us when the content will become available for purchase.
      3. Category 3 platforms do not provide us with not yet published content, however they may have titles that are available for purchase before the official on-sale date. Those titles will appear in the marketplace and be eligible for fulfillment at the time of their appearance. 
    • How does the fulfillment process work?

      When placing a pre-order for a print or electronic book, we will honor any backorder durations that you have configured at implementation. If no backorder duration has been established, then:

      • When preordering print, we will continue to attempt to purchase monthly until the order is able to be fulfilled, or you choose to cancel the order. When the order is greater than 365 days old, it will be canceled. 
      • When preordering an ebook, the order is fulfilled as soon as we receive an availability update from the platform. 
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