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    Rialto 2023 Roadmap



    Rialto continues to add functionality and enhancements to support efficient workflows, collaboration, and a seamless user experience. Below is an overview of the current and next quarter's roadmap.  We will continue to update this page on a quarterly basis.

    Q1 2023

    Q2 2023

    Q3 2023

    Q4 2023

    Q1 2023 Enhancements

    Administrative Configuration 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    A new section of the Alma configuration menu contains library-managed configurations for Rialto.
    • Market configuration menu available in Alma configuration for users with Rialto Administrator role.
    • Enables libraries to configure various advanced Rialto settings.
    • Future workflows will have configuration options appear in this menu.
    For libraries that want to manage their own configurations, detailed configuration options will be available for Rialto.

    EBA: Taylor & Francis Pool Sync

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Taylor & Francis EBA pools will be updated weekly as new titles are published.  MARC records will continue to be automatically published.
    • Automated weekly synchronization of Taylor & Francis evidence-based acquisition pools.
    • Synchronization will add new titles as they are available, rather than today's monthly loads.
    • MARC records or CZ activation will continue to occur automatically for newly added titles
    Institutions managing their Taylor & Francis evidence-based acquisition programs on Rialto will benefit from more frequent pool synchronization.  As new titles are added, they will appear in the pool more promptly

    Shared Community Profiles 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Selection plans and recommendation profiles may be shared with and downloaded from the community.
    • New option to share a selection plan or recommendation feed with the Rialto community.
    • Shared recommendation feeds will store the full query.
    • Shared selection plans will store the full query and rules, but not any library-specific information (such as cart fields).
    • Users may preview shared plans, and save and download them to the local institution.
    Libraries can now make changes on the platform side and have them automatically synchronized to Rialto and Alma, allowing for additional platform-side profiling or cleanup without having to file a case with Rialto support.

    Q2 2023 Enhancements

    Real-Time Activation 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    For libraries using the new ordering system, Rialto will activate real-time ebook orders via API, rather than relying on MARC record loads.  This supports real-time end-to-end ordering, activation, and patron discovery for real-time platforms.
    • Rather than sending the URL and activation message via MARC records (which may take up to six hours), Rialto will send it via API.
    • Activation occurs when Rialto receives activation confirmation from a platform.
    • MARC records will still deliver bibliographic information when the Community Zone is not used, but will no longer be required to activate and set a URL for ebooks.
    • The initial focus is on real-time ordering platforms (Ebook Central and Taylor & Francis) with additional platforms in future releases.
    Rather than having to wait for MARC loads to make ebooks available for patron discovery, activation will happen in real-time. For platforms supporting real-time ordering, the end-to-end ordering through the activation process can happen in seconds.

    EBA: Pin from File 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Libraries using Rialto EBA will be able to load a file to pin their title selections in bulk.
    • Working from the EBA pool, users will be able to upload a file of ISBNs.
    • Rialto will search for and pin-match offers in the EBA pool.
    • Matching will support alternate versions of an ISBN, allowing flexibility in what sources of information are loaded.
    • When complete, users will be able to download a file of no matches or multiple matches for manual handling.
    When a library would like to make their selection decisions in a spreadsheet, they can upload the ISBNs from that spreadsheet to pin titles in the EBA pool.  This can be helpful when title selections are made based on information from sources outside Rialto.

    Reading List Information in Holdings 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    When a title is part of a reading list, Rialto will now display the reading list information as part of the library’s holdings. 
    • Holdings panels will display course and reading list information.
    • Course/reading list information will display for holdings on active courses.
    Users evaluating a title for purchase will be able to factor in course reserve information from the holdings panel.

    Real-time Ebook Central Discounts 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Rather than viewing Ebook Central discounts only in the cart, they will display throughout the entire Rialto marketplace. 
    • Real-time price, including library-specific discounts, will display anywhere an Ebook Central price appears.
    • When creating order lines, the price will include discount information to accurately set the list price.
    To view the actual price of an offer after eligible discounts, users will no longer need to add the title to their cart.

    Q3 2023 Enhancements

    Rialto Holdings Networks 

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Users will be able to view the holdings of other Rialto libraries without requiring a shared Network Zone. ​
    • Alongside local holdings, Rialto will be able to display the holdings of additional libraries.
    • Libraries will be able to configure other Rialto libraries whose holdings they wish to view.
    • Libraries will be able to configure whether their own holdings are discoverable and viewable.
    Libraries that participate resource-sharing arrangements with other Rialto libraries outside the Alma Network Zone will be able to set remote holdings to view in addition to local holdings. This is also useful for tracking aspirational or comparative collections to view alongside local holdings.

    Enhanced Purchase Request Form

    What's new Highlights Impact
    The Rialto purchase request form that does not require authentication will feature additional customization options.
    • New customization options for the text of the header & footer of the form, including styling the the text.
    • New option to use an institution logo at the top of the form.
    • Color options to define the background and action colors for the footer.
    • Libraries will be able to retrieve their form link without contacting support.
    Libraries that use the non-authenticating purchase request form will have additional customization options to customize the form to reflect their institution’s look and feel requirements.


    Q4 2023 Enhancements

    License Upgrade Requests

    What's new Highlights Impact
    For titles already owned on Ebook Central, libraries will be able to request an upgrade to a higher license. (E.g., "one user" to "three user" or "unlimited access" license.)
    • New "upgrade" action will be available for Ebook Central titles that offer multiple user licenses.
    • Libraries may choose the license they wish to upgrade to.
    • Rialto will show actual upgrade price based on currently owned inventory.
    Without having to work through Ebook Central, libraries will have a seamless upgrade experience showing the upgrade price and options from within Rialto.

    View Available Promotions

    What's new Highlights Impact
    A new list of active promotions will be browsable in Rialto, including information on active dates and eligible titles.
    • New list of active promotions available from within Rialto.
    • Promotions are automatically filtered to those available in the library’s region.
    • Users may view details about the promotion, active dates, and a list of eligible titles.
    Rather than missing out on active promotions, libraries may browse current promotions and discounts from within Rialto.  This can assist in cases where additional budget is available or libraries wish to expand their collection at a discount.

    Enhanced Basic Analytics

    What's new Highlights Impact
    New default Rialto reports will be available for all libraries.
    • New out-of-the-box reports will be available, such as reports on:
      • Orders placed (weekly and monthly)
      • Currently open orders
      • Orders awaiting approval
      • Performance times for Rialto platforms
    • Additional reports are under consideration.
    Libraries who do not want to build their own analytic reports will have enhanced out-of-the-box defaults to fill out their baseline Rialto reporting needs in Alma Analytics.

    Enhanced DDA Management

    What's new Highlights Impact
    Improve ability to keep DDA pools in sync across Rialto and DDA providers
    • No impact to Customers using Ebook Central autoholdings.
    • Ability to delete items in your DDA pool directly in Rialto.
    • Customers will no longer need to notify support to remove titles from their Rialto DDA pool if they are removed from the provider.
      • Initial focus on Ebook Central
      • JSTOR to follow
    Libraries that do not use Ebook Central  autoholdings will be able to take advantage of enhanced integrations between Rialto and DDA providers that will manage deleted content outside of Rialto, thus keeping the pools in sync in Rialto and the DDA provider.



    Notice:    The content on this page is informational and is subject to change without prior notice based on the business needs of ProQuest.

    Last updated August 20, 2023

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