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    August Release

    Scheduled Purchasing (Beta)

    August 2020 RialtoNGS-105
    August 2020 contains a limited-functionality (Beta) Scheduled Purchasing development. 

    When completed, Scheduled Purchasing will allow you to create a feed of titles to be either purchased or added to your DDA pool at a frequency you choose. This will allow Selectors to spend less time on manual selection, and will provide a mechanism to have a predictable spend on an ongoing basis.

    Bloomsbury Unlimited-Access Ebooks and CAIRN Available in the Rialto Marketplace

    August 2020 Rialto
    Now more than 10,000 arts, humanities and social sciences ebooks from Bloomsbury Collections and Cairn are enabled for acquisition through the Rialto marketplace. This expansion of the Rialto offering is important now more than ever before as librarians meet the demands from students and faculty for ebooks and other digital media for remote learning. Please contact Rialto customer support to enable the new platforms, if you are unable to purchase. 

    Cairn offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone ebooks in the social sciences and humanities with all major French-language publishers represented. Cairn’s ebook aggregation platform features titles not found on any other platform. 


    Bloomsbury Collections offers excellence and originality in scholarship in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Discover the ever-expanding eBook library with nearly 10,000 titles across 22 subject areas. Bloomsbury Collections contributes innovative and forward-thinking scholarship to the global academic community. 

    Multiple Reporting Codes

    August 2020 RialtoNGS-2971
    Now you can can add Primary, Secondary, and/or Tertiary reporting codes. These reporting codes will be assigned to the PO line. Previously you could only select one reporting code. 

    three levels of reporting codes.jpg

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval.

    Summary Panel Enhancements

    August 2020 RialtoNGS-3375, 3173
    The summary panels on the right-hand of the pages were expanded, and information from left-hand panels was incorporated into them. This provides for a better user experience, enabling users to view necessary information and utilize facets without having to collapse panels. 

    The changes involve:

    • Left-hand panel information and actions were incorporated into the right-hand panels. 
    • Multiple panels can be presented simultaneously (for example, Purchase Request and Holdings).
    • The collpse summary sec icon.jpg button on the bottom of both the left- and right-hand panels now allows to collapse and expand the panels. 
    • Users can pin panels to the main panel. 
    • Expand the panels using the expand right-hand panel icon.jpg arrows to the right to view additional information.

    two panels in summary panel.jpg

    Multiple panels


    Order Status Enhancements

    August 2020 RialtoNGS-3375
    The order statuses were enhanced. Now an ordered offer goes through the below statuses:
    • Waiting for Approval (for Selectors only): The offer is in the Approver's queue. 

    • Order Placed (for Selectors only): A physical item was reviewed and checked out by the Approver.
      Order Placed (activated): as above, for electronic orders. 
      Opening the Details pane will allow you to see how many copies were ordered (for print titles), links to the Purchase Order and Purchase Order Lines pages, fund and shelving location (for print titles), and the order status details. You can facet by this status. 

    • Rejected: The item was rejected. Open the Details pane to see the rejection reason and rejection date. 
      Currently the default rejection reason in Rialto is "Irrelevant". An option to select between several rejection reasons will be added in the future.

    • Processing: The order is being processed by the vendor. 

      Order status details generate directly from the vendor. To view the full progress and messages, select the arrow next to the Purchase Order links. Vendor messages display in received order.

    • Fully Received: The ordered offer was received by the relevant library (for physical offers).
      Activated: The ordered offer was activated in the portfolio (for electronic offers). 

    • Order Complete: The order was fulfilled by Rialto and the PO Line was closed (for physical offers).
      Order Complete (Activated): as above (for electronic offers). 

    • Canceled: The ordered offer was pulled back by the Selector or the vendor. 

    See Monitoring the Order Status.

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