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    Monitoring the Order Status

    The following roles are required to view the order history:
    • Rialto manager
    • Purchasing Operator
    • Super Selector
    • Selector

    Once a cart has been submitted, either by a Selector to Acquisitions staff, or by the Acquisitions staff to vendor, the offers appear on the Order History page. The Order History page allows viewing the order status and monitoring the progress taking place on the ordered offers. 

    All users can view the state of all orders: both the orders that all selection staff submitted, and all order that are being fulfilled by the Acquisition staff.

    By default, the page opens with the most-recently ordered offers at the top. If the list of ordered offers is long, you can search for the desired offer directly by offer, or by date range, or you can narrow down the list by applying facets.  

    To monitor offer status:

    • Open the Order History page (Market > Order History > Order History). Find the ordered offer whose status you would like to monitor, and view its status. 
      Order history page new.jpg
      Order History page

    Ordered Offer Statuses

    An ordered offer goes through the below statuses. The status workflows differ slightly for the selection and the approval staff. 
    • Waiting for Approval (for Selectors only): The offer is in the Approver's queue. 

    • Order Placed (for Selectors only): The item was reviewed, checked out, and approved by the Approver.
      Order Placed (Activated): as above, for electronic orders. 
      Open the Details pane to see how many copies were ordered (for print titles), links to the Purchase Order and Purchase Order Lines pages, fund and shelving location (for print titles), and the order status details. You can facet by this status. 

    • Rejected: The item was rejected. Open the Details pane to see the rejection reason and rejection date. 

      Currently the default rejection reason in Rialto is "Irrelevant". An option to select between several rejection reasons will be added in the future.

    • Processing: the order is being processed by the vendor. 
      Order status details generate directly from the vendor. To view the full progress and messages, select the arrow next to the Purchase Order links. Vendor messages display in received order.

    • Fully Received: The ordered offer was received by the relevant library (for physical offers).
      Activated: The ordered offer was activated in the portfolio (for electronic offers). 

    • Order Complete: The order was fulfilled by Rialto and the PO Line was closed (for physical offers).
      Order Complete (Activated): as above (for electronic offers). 

    • Canceled: The ordered offer was pulled back by the Selector. 

    Searching for Offers in the Order History List 

    On the Order History page (Market > Order History > Order History), you can search for ordered offers by various means. 

    To search for ordered offers:
    • By text: You can search for an ordered offer by Title, ISBN, PO Line Reference, Offering ID, or MMS ID. To search, select the desired option in the dropdown, enter the desired text and select search icon.png. To remove the text, click X within the dropdown.
    • By date range: To find an offer ordered with a given time period, click within the dates filter and use the calendar to narrow your results. Choose from pre-determined date rages, or select your own date range. To remove the date filter, click X within the dates filter.
    • By facets: To eliminate irrelevant offers from view, you can use the facets. In the facet list, select the values for which you want to see results. The facets selected to filter the list appear at the top of the Facets panel. Click X to clear the facets you want to remove.

      The following facets are available:

      • Status – The format of the order: Approved, Waiting for Approval, Rejected, Canceled.
      • Citation Type – The type of citation format of the offer, if a citation linker was used to create the order
      • Selector - The user who created the order. 
        When you open the Order History page, the 'Selected by Me' facet is selected by default.
      • Approver - The user who approved the order.
      • Material Type – The format of the ordered material: electronic (e-books, etc.) or physical.
      • Ordering Library – The library on whose behalf the order was made. Note that you can see shelving location in the order details.
      • Created from Reading List – Whether the order came from an integrated reading list (Leganto, Talis, etc.)

    The display of facet values is dynamic and reflects only the values that belong to offers available in the order history. For example, if you do not see a certain value in your facets list, this means that you do not have offers with this value in your order history. 

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