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    December 2021 Release

    New Icon for List item with Comments

    December 2021 Rialto NGS-5630

    Now an icon will appear on items in lists that have comment activity. This allows for at-a-glance awareness that an item has conversation and may be of particular interest. 

    notification on number of comments in list 2.png

    Default Settings for Interested User

    December 2021 Rialto NGS-5577, 5595

    When adding a interested user to a cart item, staff can now save additional clicks as the user will be notified by default. The type of notification is based on the format of the item:

    • for electronic items, the "Notify when available" option is applied.
    • For physical items, the "Notify when received" is applied. 
    • For physical items, the "Place on hold" can be applied as well, if needed. 

    notification of interested users electronic.png    notification of interested users physical.png

    This is possible only when an email address is available for the interested user. When it is not available, the interested user is added without the notification option.

    In the collapsed view in the Details pane, the icons for the selected notification types appear only when they are selected. When the notification type is not selected, the icon does not appear.

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval.

    Facet List Additions by User/File Upload

    December 2021 Rialto NGS-3321

    On the Lists page, the following facets were added to help you quickly identify the offers you want to take action on:

    • Added by File - Allows you to facet by an uploaded file name, to locate offers that were added to the list by file upload (see Bulk Search from Uploaded File).
    • Added by - Allows you to facet by list contributor, to locate offers added by a specific person. 

    facets for added by file and added by.png

    See Working with Facets

    "Order Date" Reflects the PO Line Creation Date

    December 2021 Rialto NGS-4325

    In the Order History page, the "Order Date" now displays the creation date of the PO Line (the date when the order was submitted to ProQuest) instead of the date when the order was first added to the cart. In addition, dates were added after the actions Selected, Approved, Rejected.
    dates added for actions .png

    Note that if you did the action, only the date when it was performed is displayed, without the user badge.

    Bulk Unassign on the Orders Awaiting Approval Page

    December 2021 RialtoNGS-5576

    On the Orders Awaiting Approval page, for orders that have the Assigned to Me badge, staff can now individually or bulk unassign any of their assigned orders using the new "Unassign" action.

    This action takes places only on orders assigned to the user. Orders assigned to other users cannot be unassigned.

    unassign offers in bulk from orders awaiting approval.png

    See Unassigning Orders

    Platform name Displayed when searching for Collection 

    December 2021 RialtoNGS<-4753

    Now when searching for a collections in the Query Builder, you can see to which platform each collection belongs to:


    National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classificaiton in Rialto

    December 2021 RialtoNGS-5559, 4690, 5560

    The National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification is now viewable and searchable in Rialto. Now you can select NLM in the Query Builder and in facets across the relevant pages:

    NML classification in query builder.png

    The NLM classification now appears in the offer details as well:
    NML classification in offer details.png

    See Working with Facets and Managing Recommendation Profiles and Feeds.

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