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    Create an ALTO xml file

    Created By: Dave Allen
    Created on: 17/05/2019

    ALTO (Analyzed Layout and Text Object) is an open XML Schema developed by the EU-funded project called METAe. The standard was initially developed for the description of text OCR and layout information of pages for digitized material. The goal was to describe the layout and

    text in a form to be able to reconstruct the original appearance based on the digitized information - similar to the approach of a lossless image saving operation.

    there are many options out there to create an ALTO file -- however the open source rpoute is to use tesseract 

    you will ned to install tesseact V4 and a language pack

    the command to crete a ALTO file is as follows

    tesseract /permanent_storage/archive/images/slq/pub/2019-05-14/archive/690444-v012n006/690444-v012n006-s0002.tif       output-filename      -l eng      alto

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