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    Rosetta Format Library - few details about GitHub and FTP

    Created By: Jan Hutar
    Created on: 9/23/2019

    Starting with Rosetta version 6.1, Format libraries (FL) are managed on (and downloaded/installed from) GitHub ( All Rosetta versions before 6.1 are using FTP site, not GitHub. Don’t worry, it will stay like this, so you will not be missing new FL versions if you are not using 6.1 yet.

    Moving to GitHub gives Ex Libris, FL manager and also to Rosetta users more visibility of the process compared to FTP option. FL releases in GitHub can have different status – Draft, Pre-release, Release. What is new and important to know is how the status drives visibility/availability of each Release in Rosetta system.

    • If FL on GitHub has status of “Draft” or “pre-release” it is not visible/available via Rosetta UI as it’s not finalised release.
    • Only FL with status of “Release” is available via your Rosetta UI for installation (in Preservation > Global Format Library > Manage Format Library Version screen.). The idea here is that Draft releases are used for testing by FL manager and Ex Libris. Only when FL was successfully tested, it is changed into “Release” and is available to all Rosetta users “in Rosetta”.

    If you need to download previous version of Format Library, maybe for testing or manual upload to Rosetta system (and you dont want or cannot roll back to previous reason of FL directly in Rosetta) you can find all versions on GitHub here including Release notes.

    Please note: If you download FL zip file directly from Releases, not GitHub history, the file you will download will have file name of "" and with this file name you cannot use it for manual upload to your Rosetta instance. You will need it to rename it to the form which was used for FL before, ie. YYYY-MM-DD-Rosetta", example But again, you can always go to GitHub FL history and download properly named zip from there.

    I hope this helps you to understand different stages of FL releases on GitHub and avoid situation such as installing Draft version of FL you see on GitHub manually into your Rosetta system.

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