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    legacy FTP server for Format Library releases decommissioned (replaced by GitHub repository)

    Created By: Jan Hutar
    Created on: 2/3/2021

    Following the introduction of GitHub into the Format Library release process in Rosetta version 6.1 in June 2019, the old FTP server which was used for distributing and keeping Format Library releases originally was decommissioned at the end of the 2020. Rosetta versions till v6.0 were connecting to that FTP server to check for new Format Library releases and the user was able to see all the available Format Library versions in Rosetta Preservation module and install or roll back directly with single click. Rosetta versions 6.1 and above are using GitHub repository for the same purpose.


    What impact does this have for you?

    If you run Rosetta 6.1 or above nothing changes for you, you are able to see new and previous versions of Format Library directly in Rosetta Preservation module and install those/roll-back-to from there as well.

    If you run Rosetta 6.0 or lower version:

    • you will not be noticed about newly released Format Library version directly in Rosetta Preservation module
    • you will not be able to install new Format Library releases directly clicking „install“ option (as new FL version will not be listed in your Rosetta instance at all)
    • you are still able to upload new Format Library to your Rosetta manually via downloading the package (zip file) from GitHub and uploading it in Rosetta via ‘Rosetta > Preservation > Manage Format Library Version > Manual Import Format Library File (very bottom of the screen)’

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