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    Change the mouse-over text for the " i " button in the Viewer

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: v5
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    How to change the mouse-over text for the " i " button in the Viewer


    In order to change the mouse-over text or the " i " button in the Viewer:

    1. Connect to Rosetta Administration
    2. Navigate to Home > General > Code Tables > Subsystem: USER_MANAGEMENT > UILabels.xls > "Edit"
    3. Click "Export" under the "Code Table Rows" section to download the UILabels.xls to your desktop as the table size is too large (9,000+ rows) to display
    4. Open the UILabels.xls from your desktop and navigate to the "delivery.header.metadata" row.
    5. Change the current (default) text (e.g. "Click to see metadata") to your customized text.
    6. Save the UILabels.xls.
    7. Re-open the UILabels.xls and view the "delivery.header.metadata" row again to confirm that your recent changes were saved.
    8. To import your recent changes, click "Import" and upload the file (e.g. browse to locate the file on your desktop and click "Import")
    9. An interim screen will display all of the values in the table; scroll down to locate the "delivery.header.metadata" line and re-confirm that your changes are there.
    10. Scroll to the bottom of the interim screen and click "Import" for a 3rd time to save and confirm your changes (NOTE: this may take 15-30seconds).
    11. Navigate to the Viewer in the Mangement client and confirm your recent changes.

    Additional Information

    Please click on the "UILabels.xls" below to download.


    • Article last edited: 31-Jan-2017
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