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    Extracted significant properties - UI search

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6.3 +


    Some significant properties extracted by technical metadata extractor plugin cannot be searched from Rosetta 'Search for Objects' screen. 

    • The IE.xml includes significant property record:


    <key id="significantPropertiesType">mediainfo.track.General.Writing_application</key>

    <key id="significantPropertiesValue">J2K MXF Wrapper Based on MXFLib 1.0.1</key>


    • The DNX field is not available in the "Select a Search Field" or the search returns no results.




    UIlabels code table should not map one label to multiple DNX significant property values. Update it to unique values

    Value  Label
    FILE.significantProperties.significantPropertiesType.mediainfo.track.General.Writing_applicatio mediainfo - General - Writing _application (significant Properties)
    FILE.significantProperties.significantPropertiesType.mediainfo.track.General.Writing_application General - Writing _application (significant Properties)

    See also article  How to change values in the UI Labels code table?




    • Article last edited: 27-Apr-2021