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    Files with a md5 extension fail format identification during validation.

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: v5.3
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local



    When you try to ingest a md5 file as a file_stream it will fail validation with the following error (e.g.):  photography.tif.md5 [error: Format identification by file extension]

    However, if you click on More > Format in TA workbench > Validation, Rosetta suggests fmt/993 as a Format ID correction.


    The md5 file format (fmt/993) was added to the PRONOM Registry in February 2017 and only has an external signature.
    In situations where the file identification based only on extension, Rosetta Validation stack throws error vs_Error.9 (Tentatively matching format identification).
    This is due to the currently small amount of information present in the PRONOM registry for fmt/993.

    To address these errors in the short-term, please create a "Format Identification Correction" rule to ignore it.

    In the Management module navigate to Home > Submissions > Rules > Format Identification Correction to establish the rule.

    Additional Information

    File extension: md5

    Validation Stack Error Codes list in chapter 30 of the V5.3 Rosetta Staff User Guide




    • Article last edited: 21-Dec-2017