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    Handles Publishing

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5.5


    How to Publish Handles to a Handle Server? 


    The Handle Publishing Plugin generates a batch file output (plain txt) that will be used by the handle server (GenericBatch utility).

    In order to configure Handles Publishing take the following steps: 

    Go to Data Management > Publishing Configuration > Add configuration (choose name and set)

    Go to Profiles Tab > Add Profile > choose Converter Type "HandleConverterPlugin" and Target Type "HandlePublisherPlugin" > Click next


    Handle Converter Plugin Converter Parameters:

    On Object Identifier Type choose "HANDLE" and the desired object level to publish (IE/REP/FILE)


    Handle Publishing Plugin Parameters:

    1. Publish  - CREATE/ADD/MODIFY
    2. Index - The index in a handle identity of the handle server. The index is generally a positive integer, but the special value 0 indicates that the user's public key or secret key is stored at some unspecified index. When you register a prefix a prefix handle is created on the root service and your public key is stored on that handle at index 300.
    3. Admin handle - The admin handle configured in your handle server.  See chapter 10.2  in page 57 in Handle Server Side Configuration
    4. Admin index - The administrator handle index for authentication
    5. Path to public key - The path to the bin file containing the handle server parameters from the handle server
    6. Passphrase - The password to the handle server
    7. Target - The target folder Rosetta will publish to. This will be the batch file location. 



    Handle Publishing Parameters


    Batch File output:




    CREATE <<the handle from the object identifier>> 

    200 URL 86400 1110 UTF8 http://<<rosetta-url>>:1801/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE42546

    Additional Information

    Handle Batch Format - see page 22 in Handle Technical Manual

    Handle Publishing  - see pages 367-373 in Rosetta Staff User's Guide 

    Handle Generation - see pages 112-117 in Rosetta Configuration Guide

    • Article last edited: 20-Aug-2018
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