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    How the mailing list works for a new scheduled job

    • Product: Rosetta    
    • Product Version: 5.0


    How does the mailing list work in scheduled jobs?


    Home > Submissions > Advanced Tools > Schedule Reports > Job Details


    1. The same e-mail address appears only once.  In other in words, if two users have the same e-mail, then only one of the user names will be on the list.  If you would like to double check whether an e-mail address appears in a given mailing list, then type the full e-mail address on the left side, and press add.  This will add the user name that is currently attached to that e-mail address.
    2. The user needs to have a role in the institution you are adding a scheduled job to.  Go to Home > Data Management > Advanced Tools > Users List > User Details, and you can see under the column “Scope” which institution this user has a role in.  If you would like a user to appear in a mailing list for the scheduled jobs, then you would need to go the institution and to the user list, and then add a role for that user.



    • Article last edited: 08-Jun-2016