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    How to add/request to add new file format to Global Format Library

    • Product: Rosetta    
    • Product Version: 7.2+
    • Community knowledge - author: Jan Hutar



    The Format Library in Rosetta is based on the PRONOM format database and is updated when PRONOM database gets updated with new, changed, and edited file formats. The timeframe in which the Global FL is updated after each PRONOM update is usually around four weeks. Both Global and Local Format Libraries in Rosetta are designed to accommodate format entries from more than one format registry.
    There is a Registry Type field which currently has one of two values (PRONOM and EX Global). As you know, Global FL is based on the PRONOM format database maintained by The National Archives, UK. The other value, “EX Global”, was used for formats added by the Global FL Working Group as requested by a Rosetta user in the situation where a concrete format was not available in PRONOM at the time. There are 11 legacy EX Global formats in the Global FL.
    Based on this logic, we would be able to add format entries from any other format registry, such as the Library of Congress registry, if needed.
    The DPWG strongly prefers updating the Global FL via PRONOM. That means that if you have a file format not included or available in the Global FL and unavailable in PRONOM, but you want this file format to be included in the Global FL, then you will need to submit the new file format to PRONOM in the first instance. PRONOM will assess it, test it with any provided format signature, and eventually add it to the next PRONOM (and DROID signature) release. Then your file format will be added to the Global FL after the PRONOM release.
    The DPWG is more than happy to assist with submitting the new format to PRONOM on your behalf and to discuss any details with you.


    • Article last edited: 30-01-2023