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    How to customize DC Elements in OAI Publishing output

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To customize DC Elements in OAI Publishing output.

    SSH / Server:
    1. Connect to the Rosetta application server via ssh.

    2. Create a temporary directory (e.g.): /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new1

    3. cd to /operational_shared/plugins/bundled/ and copy the file (e.g. IEToOAI-Converter.jar) to /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new1

    4. cd to /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new1/

    5. In order to edit the files inside the *.jar file, run this command to untar it first: jar xf IEToOAI-Converter.jar

    6. ls -lrt to see contents of untarred package and run the following command to remove the IEToOAI-Converter.jar

    7. cd to /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new1/conf/ and make any necessary changes to the file (e.g. vi DC2SimpleOAIDC.xsl)

    8. cd to /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new2/PLUGIN-INF/ and vi metadata_IEToOAIConverter.xml

    Update from: <pl:version>7</pl:version>
    To: <pl:version>8</pl:version>

    NOTE: It's important to update the version to differentiate it from the original version.

    9. cd to /exlibris/dps/d4_1/tmp/test/new2/ and run this command: jar cf IEToOAI-Converter.jar * [tars the files]

    10. Place the modified *.jar files into the custom directory (not bundled):


    11. Go to Advanced Configuration > Plug-In Management > Plug-In Management > Custom > Add Plugin Instance
    Click "Install" for the "IEToOAI-converter"
    Change "Plug-In Name" from "IEToOAI-converter" to "ABC IEToOAI-converter" ("ABC" is the new name for the plugin)
    Click "Install"
    Activate the Plug-in from the Advanced Configuration > Plug-In Management > Plug-In Management menu

    12. Create Publishing profile
    On Data Management > Manage Sets and Processes > Publishing Configuration > Add Publishing Profile - Step 1
    Converter Type: New plugin (e.g. ABC IEToOAI-converter)
    Target Type: OAIPublisher Plugin

    Category: Publishing - Rosetta

    Subject: Rosetta

    • Article last edited: 2/20/2015