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    PDS handshake alert on SSL environment

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: Lower than 5.0


    You set a SSL to your server and you get the following errors: 
    ERROR [com.exlibris.core.infra.svc.api.pds.PdsConnector] (http-bio-1801-exec-13) [] Failed getting URL content for pds handle: 13102015169524866285460163860 
    ERROR [com.exlibris.core.infra.svc.api.pds.PdsConnector] (http-bio-1801-exec-13) [] handshake alert: unrecognized_name


    Since Rosetta is using Java 7, which implements SNI, which has an increased security mechanism that requires the Apache webserver to include the Fully-Qualified Domain Name for which the SSL Certificate has been issued. By default, the directive "ServerName" in the configuration file ssl.conf of the PDS Apache includes the short hostname. This is the reason why the SSL handshake fails. 
    Changing this to the Fully-Qualified Domain Name solves the issue.


    • Article last edited: 14-August-2016