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IE's linked to collection not visible

  • Article Type: Known Issue
  • Product: Rosetta
  • Product Version: 3.2.2


IEs are linked to a collection in their DNX
The collection exists in the Collection Management

However :
1. No IEs linked to this collection in the collection management
2. IE is shown as part of a collection in the IE list in the Collection Management, but not in Collection View

Defect Status

1. Collection Management takes its members from the COLLECTIONMEMBERS table

2. Collection Viewer takes its members from the IEs DNX

3. No "assign collection by name" process was run

JIRA DPS-12756 - Deposited METS with Collection DNX should not require an Assign Collection task (Open)


1. Run the 'Assign collection by name" process in Enrichment or in Permanent.

2. Issue is scheduled to be resolved in Rosetta version 5.1 .

Additional Information

See Rosetta Staff User Guide, Collections section

Category: Management

Subject: Collection

  • Article last edited: 20-Jan-2016