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    Incorrect DNX metadata after preservation plan execution

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6.2


    Values in multiple DNX metadata sections are incorrectly placed after Preservation plan execution. Affected sections are

    • Representation level digiprovMD event section (field linkingAgentIdentifierValue1)
    • File level amdSec section (field creatingApplication)
    • File level environmentHardware (fields hardwareName, hardwareType)
    • File level relationship section include values that should be place in different fields. (relationshipType, relatedObjectSequence1, relatedObjectIdentifierType1)

    For example

    <mets:digiprovMD ID="REP78398-amd-digiprov">
            <mets:mdWrap MDTYPE="OTHER" OTHERMDTYPE="dnx">
                <dnx xmlns="">
                  <section id="event">
                      <key id="eventDateTime">2020-04-20 14:45:18</key>
                      <key id="eventType">CREATION</key>
                      <key id="eventIdentifierType">DPS</key>
                      <key id="eventIdentifierValue">355</key>
                      <key id="eventOutcome1">SUCCESS</key>
                      <key id="eventDescription">Representation was added by preservation plan execution</key>
                      <key id="linkingAgentIdentifierType1">SOFTWARE</key>
                      <key id="linkingAgentIdentifierValue1">FL78399</key>
                      <key id="eventOutcomeDetail1">REP_ID=REP78398;ALTERNATIVE_ID=135973915;PLAN_ID=135973910;PLAN_NAME=bmp migration;IE_ID=IE78397;</key>
           <section id="creatingApplication">
                      <key id="creatingApplicationName">FL78399</key>
    <section id="environmentHardware">
                      <key id="hardwareName">1.0</key>
                      <key id="hardwareType">2020-04-20 14:43:19</key>
                  <section id="relationship">
                      <key id="relationshipType">1</key>
                      <key id="relatedObjectSequence1">has source</key>
                      <key id="relatedObjectIdentifierType1">BMP-TiffMigrationTool</key>

    Defect Status

    Fixed in Rosetta version 6.3.

    Fix for Rosetta version 6.2.

    On Rosetta version 6.2. you can apply manual fix. Run sql script bellow from SHR00 user. 



    Please contact Rosetta support if you have any questions. 



    • Article last edited: 01-06-2020