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    Is it possible to use the <area> tag inside of the <fptr> tag [mets:fptr]?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local;


    The METS Structural Map includes <fptr> tags.
    The <fptr> tag points to a file or to a point or segment in a file:

    <fptr FILEID="FILE001">
    <fptr FILEID="FILE002">
    <area FILEID="FILE002" BEGIN="00:01:48"END="00:06:17" BETYPE="TIME" />

    In DigiTool, and perhaps other digital asset management systems (DAMs), one can use the <area> tag inside <fptr>.
    Is this possible in Rosetta?


    Use the <area> tag inside the <fptr> tag in Rosetta to link to the ALTO zones as follows:

    <mets:div ID="ART_0005_0042" ORDER="41" TYPE="NORMAL_TEXT">
    <mets:div TYPE="FILE" LABEL="">
    <mets:area BEGIN="TextBlock10" BETYPE="IDREF" FILEID="FL743517"/>

    Additional Information


    NOTE: It may also be necessary to adjust the order of the attributes in the <area> tag so that Rosetta can ingest the logical structural maps.

    If the <area> tags are for non-Rosetta viewers, they can be used within a structMap that is not "PHYSICAL" or "LOGICAL".
    The PHYSICAL/LOGICAL structMap types used by Rosetta viewers don't support <area> tags.
    However, other structMap types that are not validated by Rosetta can be used for that purpose.
    Example use case: to structure scanned books METS files.

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