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    NFSInPlaceStorage Rosetta plugin usage


    Product: Rosetta

    • Product Version: 4.2 and up



    In SP 4.2 Ex Libris added in GITHUB a new plugin called NFSInPlaceStorage.


    Purpose: Mainly used for migration of massive amount of data. This allows the customer to copy the data to Rosetta permanent storage as is, and Rosetta will keep the current data in the same storage structure. 


    The use of in-place storage plugin add the following options to Rosetta: 


    Add Handling Method "softlink" to NFS SF - This should also work without using an in-place storage type. 
    • Add Storage Type "NFS - In Place". No parameters. 
    • In storage rules for IE/MD/SIP, filter out storage groups with in-place storage type. 


    During move to permanent what's being done is: 
    • File name is renamed according to Rosetta convention (FL{FILEPID}). 
    • File path in METS is taken from fileOriginalPath (without the file name itself) as-is and is stored in the permanent index. 
    • Checksum compared . 


    When you deploy the plugin, you need also to configure a dedicated material flow, which in turn will use a dedicated submission format. 
    The following storage rules should be configured: 
    • In the name file location should be used with absolute path, starting with /. 
    (e.g. <mets:FLocat LOCTYPE="URL" xlin:href="/sandbox_legacy/master/2008/D00018/a004001u.tif" xmlns:xlin=""/>) 
    • For deposit, the above dedicated NFS submission format should use the new softlink handling method 
    • For operational storage, add NFS storage plugin with a rule for that material flow to use softlink handling method 
    • For permanent storage, add a rule for the above material flow to use the new NFS in-place storage plugin (for files only) 


    The plugin should be used with caution: 
    • Rosetta will rename the file (replace the file name), therefore once a file is in permanent, the old file is no longer available. 
    • There is no option to load the same file again as the file name is not available. 
    • As of version 4.2 - only available for METS deposit. Since v5.0 - works also for CSV despot.
    • The original METS-file will be changed. The original path in the mets.xml will be replaced (<mets:FLocat LOCTYPE="URL" xlin:href="....)



    • Article last edited: 20-Dec-2017