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    Out of memory error when indexing IE

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6.2



    1. IE is in the index exception queue (failed to index)

    2. The following message appears in the server log:

    ERROR [com.exlibris.core.infra.svc.impl.resourcemanagement.JobReceiver] (INDEX_QUEUE Queue Job Receiver 125) [] Error during INDEX_QUEUE Queue Job Receiver execution

    ERROR [com.exlibris.core.infra.svc.impl.resourcemanagement.JobReceiver] (INDEX_QUEUE Queue Job Receiver 125) [] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError


    During a bagit deposit, IEs with many files could cause out of memory error due to the source metadata indexing work.

    If under Deposits > Content Structure > Bagit, the 'Store Tags as Source Metadata' option is checked, for many tags the indexing job could take a lot of memory.


    1. Under Deposits > Content Structure > Bagit, uncheck 'Store Tags as Source Metadata'.

    2. Remove the source MD file and re-index the IE




    • Article last edited: 13-APR-2020
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