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Permanent repository METS is not updated after Update MD Web Service

  • Product: Rosetta
  • Product Version: Rosetta 3.1.0 and up
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct,Direct,Local,Total Care


Problem Symptoms:
Permanent repository METS is not updated after Update MD WS

Defect DPS-12626

Apply HF or SP 4.0 to prevent new instances. For existing ones, follow below procedure.

Please follow these instructions for creating files with list of PIDs that were affected and need to be re-committed:
1. Once the SP installation is complete you can execute the script
2. Go to your HF root directory
3. Execute: csh -f build_dir_3.2.2.3/install_sp_dir/special_sp_dir/manual/3_2_2_3/dps_12626.csh
4. The script will create a file for each institution that has problematic IEs, named {inst_path}_pids.txt. e.g. CRS00.INS00_pids.txt.
    These files will be under $op_dir/tmp/scripts.
5. Through Rosetta UI create itemized sets using these file(s) (a set per institution correspondingly).
6. Create a Task Chain that, for example, should replace DC values. The 'Find' and 'Replace' values should NOT be real values. See attached example in screenshot. 
7. Create and run a Process that is comprised from the above Task and set.