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    Rosetta 5.4 Service Pack - Special instructions for Solr upgrade and rollback

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5.4


    Before Rosetta 5.4, Solr was deployed as a war inside the Rosetta java application.

    In Rosetta 5.4 Solr was upgraded to version 6.5 and has to work as a standalone server. Solr port is configurable via general parameter (8983 by default).

    This does not mean that additional hardware is required.

    Special instructions for service pack installation (and rollback)

    During Rosetta 5.4 service pack installation, a backup of the current Solr index is created under $op_dir/indexes_backup_5.4.0/

    This means that installation can take longer than usual, and that enough disk space should be available under  $op_dir/

    In case Rosetta was upgraded to 5.4 version, and an indexing operation occurred (e.g. ingesting a test object), rollback to the previously installed Rosetta version (util sp in the Linux command line interface) will cause searches not to work. There are two options to resolve this:

    1. Re-index the whole repository (Rosetta Administration > Repository > index status)
    2. Manually copy the Solr index from $op_dir/indexes_backup_5.4.0/  to  $dps_profile/solr/ in the relevant servers

    With #2, new indexed items before rollback will be missing from the index after restoring the backup

    • Article last edited: 03-Dec-2017
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