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    Rosetta SP 8.1./HF Parameters Related to Handling of CDATA in Descriptive and DNX Fields

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version:, 8.1+


    What are the configuration changes we need to do in Rosetta version to start using new CDATA in Dublin core fields handling method? 


    After installation of Service pack 8.1 or HotFix do following:

    1. make sure that the hidden general parameter strip_cdata_from_dc is set to false

    • Check: from dps user 

    sqlplus ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}ROS00/`get_ora_passwd ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}ROS00` << EOF select value from hfrgeneralparameter where name = 'strip_cdata_from_dc'; EOF

    • Update: from dps user create update_gp.csh  and run by csh -f update_gp.csh

    sqlplus ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}ROS00/`get_ora_passwd ${ORA_USER_PREFIX}ROS00` << EOF
    update hfrgeneralparameter set value = 'false' where name = 'strip_cdata_from_dc';


    2. make sure that the new UI general parameter is set to true 

    • Administration / General Parameters / general 



    • Article last edited: 08-Jan-2024
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