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    Rosetta Terms of Use are not shown properly

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5.2

    Starting at SP 5.2 Rosetta Terms of Use have a few changes:

    1. Configuration file should contain the body only (the actual text) and not the entire html as before.

    2. Terms of Use generates with references to logo, header and footer from the UI customization.

    3. Terms of Use configuration file supports link to an external terms of use file (configuration file should contain a single URL starting with http/https).

    If your institution "terms of use" is messy like in the following screenshot, then you should edit the configuration file to contain only the body of the html.


    Messy terms of use.PNG

    How to edit Rosetta Terms of use:

    1. Go to Home > Deposits > Terms of Use Configuration Files.

    2. Click on “Edit”.

    3. Download Rosetta Out of the box terms of use.

    4. Open the file.

    5. Right click the file and choose to “view page source”.

    6. Copy the body and paste it on the configuration file:

    • edited terms of use.PNGThe Rosetta terms of use should now show correctly.

    • Article last edited: 28-Mar-2017