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    Rosetta Troubleshooting Guide

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 2.1

    This KB item includes troubleshooting instructions for System/Component Down scenarios.

    It is recommended that your system administrator familiarize him/herself with the Rosetta System Administration (RSA) Guide, attached to this KB item for your convenience.

    # System down (doesn't respond): shut down and restart Rosetta (see also RSA Guide, "Starting and Stopping the Rosetta Application Servers").

    # Can't login: PDS (Apache) restart (may require root if running on port <1024)
    >apachectl stop
    >apachectl start (if running as root: >apachectl_auto)

    # Cannot perform search or other basic operation : Check DB.

    1. Confirm DB is available from application server:
    > s+ rep00

    If a connection is established you should receive a prompt, e.g.:

    If a connection is not established, restart Oracle (see also RSA Guide, "Starting and Stopping the Oracle Server").

    2. Confirm Listener is up:
    Log on to the Oracle Enterprise Manager DB Controller (EM) using the user DPS_DBA.
    Select the Administration tab.
    Navigate to the server node.
    Click the node to view the Listener details.
    If down, restart listener (see also RSA Guide, "Starting and Stopping the Oracle Listener").

    #Format Identification / Virus Check fails: check GridGain
    >ps –ef | grep java | grep gridgain | wc -l
    Value should be > 5.

    If GridGain is down:

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013