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Rosetta login screen display issue after 5.2 upgrade

  • Product: Rosetta
  • Product Version: 5.2

Relevant environments

  1. Rosetta 3.1 sp has been installed in the past
  2. PDS is on the Rosetta server
  3. PDS login html was not customized

Problem description

Rosetta Login screen has a broken link to the ExLibris logo:






Under /exlibris/dps/d4_1/pds/html_form/calling_system-dps/images

logo-main.png is a soft link that points to a non-existing file

logo-main.png -> /exlibris/dps/d4_1/system.dir/thirdparty/jboss/server/default/deploy/digitool.ear/dps-backoffice-web.war/images/1/logo-main.png

This happens because the jboss directory no longer exists after installing the 5.2 service pack.



Remove the current soft link and create a new link to



ln -s "/exlibris/dps/d4_1/system.dir/thirdparty/tomcat/rosetta-webapps/dps-backoffice-web.war/images/1/logo-main.png" "/exlibris/dps/d4_1/pds/html_form/calling_system-dps/images/logo-main.png"



  • Article last edited: 05-April-2017
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