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    Submission fails to TA with error of "The maximum file upload size exceeded, current upload size"

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: Any



    Submission encountered an issue and moved to 'Submissions' → 'Technical Analysis' → 'Technical Issues' → 'Deposit' tab.
    Clicking on 'View Errors' button for the relevant SIP/s shows: "The maximum file upload size exceeded, current upload size ..."


    The 'Producer Profile' of the relevant 'Producer' used during Submission, has its 'Active Deposits Quota (GB)' parameter set to a value smaller than total number of gigabytes of data the relevant producer can deposit simultaneously.


    Raise the value of 'Active Deposits Quota (GB)' parameter for the relevant 'Producer Profile' (Deposits → Producer Profiles).
    e.g.  - Raising the value of 'Active Deposits Quota (GB)' from 100 to 1000

    Additional Information
    For more information regarding 'Active Deposits Quota (GB)', please refer to chapter 6 of "Rosetta Staff User's Guide":

    • Article last edited: 31-Jan-2021
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