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    What types of structmaps Rosetta supports and how?

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 6
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    What types of structmaps Rosetta supports and how?


    Rosetta METS can contain two types of structmaps:  Rosetta reserved structmaps and custom structmaps.


    1) Rosetta reserved LOGICAL and PHYSICAL structmap types

    • are managed by Rosetta,
    • used by Rosetta viewers,
    • can be edited in the metadata editor,
    • allowed DIV attributes are TYPE, ID, ORDER, ODERLABEL, LABEL and CONTENTIDS tag starting Rosetta version 7.3.
    • other DIV attributes are not supported (DMDID, AMDID and CONTENTIDS tag prior to Rosetta version 7.3)
    • are validated by mets_rosetta.xsd and mets_rosetta_aip.xsd (
    • for more information on Rosetta METS see the documentation in Rosetta AIP Data Model chapter called "METS XML Sections"


    2) Rosetta CUSTOM structmaps

    • can be submitted to Rosetta,
    • can use any structmap type except of LOGICAL and PHYSICAL,
    • are not used by the Rosetta viewers,
    • custom structmaps cannot be updated via Webservices
    • can use any DIV attributes allowed on division including DMDID, AMDID, CONTENTIDS
    • are validated by mets.xsd 1.12 



    • Article last edited: 17-JUL-2023