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    When does code / mapping tables "Updated by" field gets updated

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: any
    • Relevant for Installation Type: select the relevant: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care

    Browse to the Code Tables or to the Mapping Tables availbale at "Administration > General".

    The code or mapping table's "modified by" field is customer's data related.
    Service pack mechanism goes over the code or mapping table's differences file and sets the field according to service pack version only if the table is new which happens in one of three cases:

    1. OVERRIDEN sp_policy - service pack mechanism deletes the old table and creates a new updated one - you can see in the UI that those tables do have 'By Ex LIbris (Servicepack #.#.#.#)' as "modified by".
    2. MERGED sp_policy - If table doesn't exist - creates a new table and sets "modified by" according to the current service pack version, otherwise - updates rows only.
    3. NOT_OVERRIDDEN - Customer's changes don't get overridden, therefore changes only if the table is new.


    • Article last edited: 07-november-2016
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