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    When does Rosetta run fixity?

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5


    When does Rosetta run fixity?


    1. In operational repository: as a part of the validation stack in the fixity task that runs during sip processing. The value is compared with the value provided in the METS of the SIP (if provided). In case fixity is not provided, the system will generate new fixity values (SHA1, MD5 and CRC32).

    2. In permanent repository: when running a validation process on objects in permanent, the validation process contains a checksum task in the task chain.

    3. In Storage Plugin –storage plugins verify the integrity of a file between stages. NFS and Amazon plugins perform data integrity check that completes (from a Rosetta perspective) the chain of custody from the deposit all the way through to permanent.


    Additional Information

    Custom Fixity Plugin

    NFS Pair Tree Storage Plug-In

    Amazon S3 Storage Plug-In

    • Article last edited: 07-Aug-2018