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    Rosetta‐Supported Topologies

    The following topologies are supported in Rosetta:

    All-in-One Topology

    All-in-One Topology
    Deposit, Delivery, Staging, and Permanent all reside on the same server. This configuration can be scaled wide to support redundancy and through-put.

    2-Tier Topology Diagram

    2-Tier Topology
    Deposit and/or Delivery are on a separate tier in a DMZ, and Staging and Permanent reside on an internal tier. This configuration can also be scaled wide, and is only used in environments where deposit or delivery functionality must be available to users outside of the organization.
    PDS can be run either on Rosetta application servers with a REP or DEL application role or on an external server, either as a single instance or highly-available with a DB backend (with PDS 2.x). For detailed information and instructions on configuring PDS, see the Patron Directory Services Guide, available under Cross-Product Information in the Documentation Center.
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