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    Disk Space Management

    Disk Space Management

    Administrators can configure how disk space is used on the Storage Server, as described in the following sections:

    Checking Disk Space

    Administrators can view the following disk space parameters in the directory:
    • Total disk space
    • Used disk space3
    • Available disk space
    To check disk space in the directory:
    Type the following commands:

    cd /exlibris

    df -kh

    The Rosetta system provides information about disk space, as shown in the following example: >>cd /exlibris >>df -kh

    Filesystem             size   used avail capacity Mounted on



                           30G    26G   3.7G    88%    /exlibris

    Administrators can run the df -kh command for each deposit area in order to see the total amount of disk space used by deposited activities. The location of each deposit area is configured in the HFrGeneralParameter table, under the parameter name logic_deposit_area.

    Freeing Disk Space

    Administrators can free an additional amount of disk space by deleting old log files from the log directory (whose alias is dps_log).
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