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    Integration with External Collection

    Assigning a CMS ID to an Intellectual Entity

    The Rosetta system supports integration with external collection management systems (CMS), such as Voyager, in order to establish a relationship between IEs stored in the Rosetta system and their metadata stored in a CMS.
    Assessors and Arrangers can link metadata from an external CMS to IEs by assigning a collection management system identifier (CMS ID) to an IE. In addition, Arrangers can assign a CMS ID to multiple IEs simultaneously.
    To assign a CMS ID to an IE:
    1. From the Rosetta Submissions drop-down menu, under the Approval heading, click Assess SIPs or Arrange SIPs, depending on your role.
      The SIPs List page for your role opens.
    2. Locate the SIP that contains the IE to which you want to assign a CMS ID and click Work On.
      The SIP Content List page opens.
    SIP Content List Page
    1. Locate the IE to which you want to assign a CMS ID and click the Assign CMS ID text link.
      The search page for assigning CMS IDs to IEs opens:
    Assign CMS ID Search Page
    1. Optional: Click the Refresh Indexes button to update the database with the latest IEs.
    2. Search for an ID using the Search Database drop-down list, the Find text box, and the Search Category (search fields) drop-down list. Click GO.
      The results show in a table below the search fields
    Assign CMS ID Results Page
    1. Locate the ID you want to assign to the IE and click the Link button.
      The CMS ID is assigned to the IE.

    The Rosetta system can now synchronize the metadata stored in an external CMS with the IE.

    Unassigning a CMS ID to an Intellectual Entity

    There are two methods to unassign a CMS record - manually and automatically:
    To unassign a CMS record manually:
    1. Search for the IE whose CMS record you want to remove.
    2. View the metadata list for the IE. For example:
    Metadata List - CMS ID
    1. Click Remove for CMS.
      The CMS record is removed.
    To unassign a CMS record automatically:
    1. From the list of tasks (Data Management > Manage Sets and Processes > Processes > Add Process), select Unassign CMS.
    2. Click Next. The following appears
    Unassign CMS Task
    1. Fill in the fields. To copy CMS metadata to the IE's descriptive metadata, select the Move CMS to IE DC checkbox.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Complete the steps for configuring the job.
    CMS records that are no longer assigned to any IE are removed by the Metadata Orphan Handler job as described in the System, Background, and Operational Jobs section of the Rosetta System Administration Guide.
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