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    Understanding Technical Analysts

    Technical Analysts (TAs) handle problems that may occur when the Rosetta system processes Producer Agents’ content.
    These problems can occur with deposit activities, submission information packages (SIPs), representations, access copies, and individual files in SIPs. (For more information, see Understanding Technical Issues.)
    When the Rosetta system identifies a technical problem, it sends a notification to the appropriate TA by e-mail. The TA uses the Rosetta system tools to resolve the issue.
    The actions that TAs can perform depend on the processing stage in which the error occurred.
    Technical Analysts are assigned by a User Manager, who registers them and defines their privileges. Two types of TAs exist in Rosetta:
    • A SIP-processing TA (SIP TA), who works on the issues that occur during SIP loading
    • A Repository TA, who works on errors impacting files in the permanent repository
    Each type of TA is one role, with one set of privileges. Their privileges are always Full, and their scope is institutional.
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