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    Understanding Technical Issues

    Technical issues that are dealt with by SIP or Repository TAs comprise the following :
    For SIP TAs , problems occur with deposit activities and submission information packages (SIPs):
    • A deposit activity or a set of files uploaded by a Producer Agent to the Deposit Server.
    • A SIP automatically generated by the Rosetta system when it moves deposit activities from the Deposit Server to the Staging Server.
    For more information on the Deposit Server and Staging Server, see the Rosetta Overview Guide.
    For Repository TAs, issues arise when running validation stacks on files in the permanent repository.
    The following table shows content processing stages in which errors may occur and explains which objects can contain errors.
    Content Processing Errors
    Stage Errors May Occur When... Errors May Occur With...
    Deposit Producer Agents’ content is uploaded to the Deposit Server Entire deposit activities
    Loading Producer Agents’ content is moved from the Deposit Server to the Staging Server Entire SIPs
    Validation Rosetta runs a validation check on files Individual files
    Enrichment Rosetta enriches the content before moving it to the Permanent Repository Individual files
    Move to Permanent Rosetta moves the content from the Staging Server to the Permanent Repository Individual files
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