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    7.7 Hands-On: Web Editor

    Working with the Web Editor

    Motivation: Being able to edit/modify/correct metadata in Rosetta
    Scenario: Edit your SIP​​​

    1. Locate the deposit using the SIP ID under ‘Preserved’ on the home screen.
    2. Click on ‘Editor’ to open the web editor.
    3. Lock object for editing. Actions > Lock Object > GO.

      Note the 'locked by me' warning
    4. Under the ‘Metadata’ tab, edit the descriptive DC by changing the wording of the abstract.
    5. Click on ‘Save Field’, and then ‘Save’.
      Under the ‘Metadata’ tab Assign Access Rights for staff user only.
    6. Under the ‘Services’ tab select ‘Metadata Validation’, click on ‘Submit’.
    7. Commit the changes. Actions > Commit Changes > GO.
    8. Wait for the commit to finish.
    9. Open the ‘Versions’ tab.
    10. Click on ‘events’ to see what changed between versions.
    11. View the METS xml (this can also be downloaded).


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