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    Adding a new object to the instance KnowledgeBase

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: SFX
    • Product Version: 3

    How can I add an object that does not currently exist in the SFX global KnowledgeBase to my local instance KB?

    If an object is not found in our current KB, you can add it via DataLoader as long as it does not have an ISSN,ISBN or LCCN. (It is possible to add local objects without ISSNs,ISBNs, or LCCNs via Dataloader. – please check our User Guide part 1, section “5.5.2 Dataloader – Procedure”, subsection 4 – Running Dataloader – Add/Remove Objects.) All you have to include as part of your load file is an OBJECT_TYPE value and any of the following fields: LOCAL, LOCAL_TITLE, NON-SORTING-CHAR.

    The LOCAL field can be any number you wish to assign, but it’s not necessary to assign the number at all, because an Object ID will be assigned automatically once the object is added. The LOCAL_TITLE and NON-SORTING-CHAR fields are for your Title and the number of Non Sorting Characters in the title, for search purposes (i.e. if the title begins with “The”, there are 4 Non Sorting Characters, etc.)

    If you have a specific file list of titles whose ISSN/ISBN, etc. is not in our knowledgebase, by all means send them to Ex Libris (you would need to attach such a file in an Excel attachment to the CRM, opening up a Support Incident for the product "SFX KB" that would be directed to our KnowledgeBase team). The file should contain ISSNs and titles, and before sending it, you should look the ISSNs up using the LookUp Tool or the Search Object feature and make sure that they aren’t actually in our KnowledgeBase. Please note that there is a waiting period right now due to a large number of requests, and we can no longer guarantee that each request will be added in the next monthly update.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013